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A bad Buritto ruined my FLEX APPetite!

December 3, 2010
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Having recently watched some of the Adobe TV videos from MAX2010 my appetite for all things mobile was whetted.

So I made a decision to give the FLEX SDK ‘Hero’ release a look and I thought why not go the whole hog and get the pre release version of Buritto ( seeing as I’m still using Flex Builder 3 )

One of the features that stood out to me in the videos was the Data\Service Wizard. Granted I am a coder but this looked quite cool. A wizard that would help in connecting to my CFC’s, introspect them and help me configure the return types!! BOOM!! I’m there for some of that action.

So I down loaded the builder with the SDK. My grubby mits looking forward to getting coding.

But before I get into what happened after the install of Buritto I should at least give you an idea of the Dev environment I get to play with.

So all the data is stored in a Datawarehouse that’s sitting in SQL 2005 on a Windows 2008 Box. A VM I might add.

The Coldfusion instance is version 9 Enterprise Edition sitting on a 64 bit installation of windows 2008. This is also using IIS again this is a sweet VM.

So not too shabby a set up and its been running several corporate applications currently undergoing user testing written in FLEX 3.2 for a while now month probably.

All was rosy in the garden with my Guinea Pigs happily testing away.

So away I went with Buritto using the CFC’s I already had from a previous App I fired up the Data\Service Wizard and pointed it to my Coldfusion box and there they were my CFC’s ripe for the picking. So I clicked on one!

Error this CFC is invalid. Mmm odd I thought it definitely works because one of my apps uses it. But I shall try another one. Same error! Mmm this is odd.

So I went away and consulted Dave Arnold who came in and helped to set up our dev environment. He spotted that the wizard was trying at access the CFIDE section of the coldfusion instance. In the set up we had placed this in a https website to lock out remote admin of CF.

So after some jigery pokey and a reconfig of the http instance we managed to get the wizard to work. Fabaroony!!!!

So away I went and created a few demo apps and followed a few tutorials on Adobe TV. Great I though this is all really useful. However dark coulds were on the horizon. I started to get calls from my testers saying the apps in Test had started falling over.

I put my support hat on and dived into debug mode. After an initial dig around it appeared that Coldfusion was able to apply the Value Objects I had created but Flex was failing to do so! Mmm odd. All the code was fine and hadnt changed in weeks so what had happened? Well I was using Buritto but how could a client side tool affect that? Surely not.

Well I did some digging and discovered that the flex app was set to use variable and datafields in Camel Case but in the Variable Tab of the debugger they were all lower case. I checked Coldfusion and found that the case before it left for flex was correct. So something was stripping the upper case leffter from the variables.

After more digging and a lot of swearing I found that in the my-cfamf channel the case sesitivity settings had been overwritten. To ignore the case and knock it all down to lowercase. Very frustrating!! I changed this back and KAPOW!!! all the original apps started woring again but the apps created in Buritto stopped.

So i created a new channel for Buritto and set its case sensitivity settings back to what it required and gues what both group of apps now work Woo Hoo!!!

So after all that rambling be careful folks when installing Buritto it could affect your my-cfamf channel and if you use camel case in you variables and data sets you could get the problem I had.

So be safe and remember stay classy San Diego!


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  1. Andy P-B permalink

    I recognize some of the words you’re using here like “box”, “clouds” and a few others but the rest of it might as well be confusion never mind cold fusion. You Geek ! Banding Geek at that 😉

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